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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Seasonal Love

Call me confused, can't stick to one thing or can't chose or can't make decision, yet I still will stick to my opinion - I love all Seasons.
In my defense can you compare between two Gods, then how can you compare and to top it all chose one season. Seasons are the most perfect and beautiful things to keep the earth going, without them it would have been one monotonous ride. 
Every season is so beautiful and gets with it the beauty and wonderful things it had to offer. 
I love rainy seasons reason being I think it's so romantic, walking under one umbrella. It's fun splashing puddles, playing in the rain. Oh the beauty of the earth in rains. It's like rainy season is thd bathing season for the earth. Hot pakoras and chai. The fragrance of the wet soil. What's their not to love. Everything is in full life and fragranced. 

Winters bring along with them the cool, breezy and windy nights. Snow I many countries. Beautiful weather, hot soups. Movies cuddled in blankets. Comfort food ladled with cheese. The earth in winters looks at it's best. 

Summer season - the season for vacations, for a dip in the pool. The season for mangoes, watermelons and juices and fresh fruits. A season to relax and take a break. The earth dressed in golden hay and trees all shedding away the years tiredness and waiting to dance in the rain back to life is a miracle. Summer I feel is the month to shed away all inhibitions, eat well, be active, travel and just enjoy. 

How can you compare any one now, the beauty of these seasons is what makes the earth and hence life so miraculous and happening. 

How can you deny me my seasonal love for each one of them. Can you blame me for not chosing one? I think not 😜

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of each.” —Henry David Thoreau ❤️❤️



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