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Friday, June 21, 2013

Aspiring ideas

One lazy afternoon as I was idling alone many thoughts crossing my mind..................

Human mind is a storehouse of imagination and thoughts. From these spring ideas - infinite ideas.
These ideas take shape in our mind, mold us, they make us do what we do, what we want to do. They give a meaning to our life, a reason, motivation. These ideas make us dream and dream we do. Aspiring to fulfill them. Giving birth to many more ideas and other more ideas to fulfill the earlier ones. A vicious cycle indeed. 
Humans are complex creatures. We are never satisfied. We accept some ideas and reject others. We perceive what we want to perceive and hence hold on to those ideas which we want to, however right or wrong. But when do these ideas become aspiring ideas?
Ideas aspire when they turn in reality. As the phrase goes " when we start dreaming and start doing". 
I truly believe that dreams are not enough to change the course of life however life doesn't have a course if there are no dreams to fulfill. A balance between these two helps in achieving a beautiful tandem. Initiate your first step towards the dream towards the ideas. Trust the dream and make a leap. No one will invest in our idea until and unless we invest our self in it. Ideas need to be executed for investment.
Aspiring ideas are not those which are circulating on the Internet in the form of quick fixes of getting rich and go on blubbering about their greatness and effectiveness. 
If ideas are really inspiring and aspiring they need to be conceptualized. What matters is not how good or bad the idea is but how well it is executed. Think big, start small is an old saying but truly effective even today.
 Any normal idea can  be an aspiring one with initiation, operation and implementation.  
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