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Friday, June 28, 2013

An elephant love story .......

I have grown up listening to mythological stories of the elephant god - human body with elephant head ( ganapati/ Ganesh and many other names) as a kid. Since childhood I was fascinated with this plump but really cute god of all. I was heads over heels in love with not only the god but the elephant himself.( and still am )

I still look at it in complete awe, whenever I see an elephant my eyes are out of their socket and I still dance around like a kid.

you know what? To the extent OF WANTING an elephant as a pet when I was a kid.( can you believe it? ) I just Love this magical creature. So much strength coupled with innocence and love.

I am in awe of it.

......and thinking all these things compelled me to paint.

and guess what I painted.... I painted an elephant. My all time favorite.

In all the mythological stories in India regarding lord Ganesha or as I call him my very own Gampu, he is the one depicting wellbeing, prosperity, wisdom, giver of all good things, reliever of pain.

I think elephant is the favorite creature in India, no wonder you find its depiction everywhere in fabrics, designs, scriptures, sculptures, toys, architecture.

lord Ganesha pic credit stock xchng

For me an elephant is the symbol of motivation, inspiration, strength, innocence, determination, aspiration, taking the world headstrong, owner of great power and intelligence. The elephant is sheer magnificent beauty, a wonderful creation.

Whether god or animal he is in every way a source of inspiration and I still am a kid in fascinated and completely in love with him EVEN TODAY AND WILL ALWAYS BE ...



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