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Friday, November 29, 2013

I, Me, Myself.

I believe that I am most important, cause if I am not happy and content I cannot spread happiness to everybody around me and then my life wont be the way it is and I wont be the way I am without happiness and happiness of my loved ones. So I am selfish in this area ;p. I need myself to be happy and hence I require my 'me time'.

For me, me times means getting happiness in small things that I love. Just crashing on the couch and watching TV or my favorite movie. Reading a book curled up in bed, writing, a hot cup of coffee and some music in background.
 Did I forget to tell you that no matter what I am a neat freak and I require my surroundings and my home neat as per me and smelling good (one headache for hubby dear..he he) A very important component for my me or we time.
 Hubby dearest is very smart and has found one solution and that is Ambipur set and refresh.
That is another story, well Ambi pur along with Indiblogger sent me a sample of Ambi pur set and refresh which just on a click goes for 60 days continuously emitting fragrance, all for Rs 220. The fragrance they sent was Thai dragon fruit which was so heavenly easy to use and efficient that I fell in love with it. I just tend to forget everything and just relax, and that's why hubby dearest takes advantage of this and now makes sure Ambi pur set and refresh never goes out of stock at our home (wicked, isn't he?) ;p. So now at our house, I am mostly in a good mood and happy and content, all taken care by my hubby( Ambi pur to be honest). See how naughty he is all for his own welfare(so he can keep his side untidy). There is one Ambi pur set and refresh on my bedside table permanently :).

Inspired by the Ambi pur fragrance this is what I painted (painting being another of my favorite things).

I definitely recommend Ambi Pur set and refresh.


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