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Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunday starts

Sunday creeps in slowly waiting for the week to get over, and flies off when it comes so slowly after a long wait.

So what better than starting your Sunday with a hearty breakfast. with your loved one.
This Sunday we decide to go desi, so for our desi breakfast we decided to go to none other than our lovable VAISHALI . Located off the busy FC road. This eatery has withheld all that gone by. It has seen everything as it has stood there since the 50's. It has withheld all the competitions, seen the new eateries and culture come and go but it has maintained its stand.Famous and popular with all students , oldies, business community and perhaps more or less everyone its no wonder crowded all days of the week and at all time.Each dish served here is equally special.
so this Sunday our taste buds screamed for vaishali.Geting ready in a floral summery shirt and glares i was ready quickly to devour my vaishali experience again.
After pushing each other out from the house we finally reached vaishali fighting the over growing pune traffic, to wait for half an hour there.
As soon as we got our table we ordered for our favorite mysore masala cheese dosa- filled with the chutney and yummy potato bhaji, chutney and sambar by the side. wow ,,,, yummy ,, downed with a chilled glass of  nimbu paani.. That started our special Sunday.
amazing breakfast date with my hubby dear.






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