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Monday, April 2, 2012



Summer - is draining one out, the temperature keeps on rising, its difficult to gout during the day. On one such summer afternoon i decide to take a trip to the mall to beat the heat and the boredom with my pals. So made my way to Phoenix market city to shop and have some much needed fun.Going through the summer collection in the shops and having fun selecting the outfits done up with colors, my favorite nature prints, and accessories (my favorite bangles, Bangles and more BANGLES).Dropped till i shopped to my hearts content. Then decided to drown the exhaustion with all that hard work with a chilled glass of mocktail. So we headed towards Chillies. First sat down and rested our tired legs and then started choosing through their colorful menu consisting of wide varieties of chilled drinks, Ribs, Pastas, Nachos, Burgers, Tacos. A true MEXICAN HANGOUT, with huge portions, laid back and colorful ambience.I took my pick with a mojito mango one (such a huge mug acting as a much needed thirst quencher) and nachos (crispy nacho chps drizzled with cheese and olives completed with some freshly cut ripe red tomatoes and sour cream) and some BBQ chicken crispies with drizzle of honey which was really great.

All and all a great weekend hangout, some soul satisfying shopping with yummylicious food and great setting  =



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