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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Lessons learnt in 2016

This post was pending since sometime now...
The year just went by in a wink and we have already welcomed 2017 with arms wide open and aplomb but not without a big Thank You to 2016.


2016 gave me many a things - highs, lows, beautiful moments as well as heartfelt lows. Above all it taught me life lessons in a short go.....
Just felt like sharing them with you guys...
So here they are -

  • Slay and hustle like no ones business
Nothing and I mean nothing in life comes for free, whatever you want you need to work your ass to achieve it. There are no shortcuts but only work that takes you ahead. So hustle and slay till have it, whatever it takes.

  • Whatever happens is destined look back join the dots
Don't be sad if things don't work out as per you, everything happens for a reason and no matter how cheesy it sounds - Look back on your life and you will realise whatever happens - there is a reason. Join the dots and you will get the bigger picture.

  • When one Door closes it gives you the clarity that you are supposed to chose the other.
Be positive and weigh the pros in any situation. If something doesn't work out or goes your way, you get the clarity to do things in a better light.

  • When people start doing what you do consider you are on the right track.
This I did understand but took some time to sink in. Don't get annoyed if people actually ditto copy you but take pride in yourself that you are someone's role model and helping them out without them knowing it. You are bringing in a change for the good someone's life. If you are doing something right people will copy you. Have faith in yourself and keep working hard cause now you know you are good and you need to better yourself.

  • Live in the moment for the past and future are distant, present is your present to yourself enjoy it.
Live now, nothing is permanent. Grasp the moment cause you never know.

  • Health is important...
you can enjoy life to the fullest If you are healthy.. take care of yourself on every level. Physical, holistically, aesthetically..

  • Take pride in yourself

Always look back and think you are much ahead than where you were. Appreciate yourself.

  • Attitude of Gratitude (most important)
Be Humble, be grateful for your life and whatever you have.

I Am a boho at heart... free wanderer .. I keep giving adjectives to myself... but why tag

This was all from me..
So welcoming this 2017 But keeping 2016 in lessons learnt... 

Until we meet again.. 


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