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Monday, January 16, 2017

Coffee, Tea & Me ...

Winter is here with applomb. Pune is known for its awesome climate and its pretty right now in the city with temperatures dropping.
The chill in the morning with warm sunlight is my favorite thing.
I Love sunning in the winter.
Another favorite of mine in winters is Coffee and Tea.
Let me tell you I hadn't tasted tea in my entire life till couple of years back.
I still Am not a tea drinker But I just cant resist a nice cup of cutting chai from the neighbourhood kiosks.
Especially living in Pune which is a paradise for Amrut tulya. These are tea stalls which specialise in making tea some dating back to the 1940's. 
The name Amrut Tulya literally means - Like honeydew or elixir of Life 😯. Their tea is really something to rave about after all it needs to keep up to its name. Amazing slow brew of masalas, tea powder, milk, water, Sugar. Must try when you in Pune. 
The city is also dotted with age old Irani cafes and the Irani chai is well known. 
I Am a little inclined towards the Amrut tulya for my tea But I do have my favorites for Irani chai as well. 
A girl needs to have options now, does'nt she 😜
In short I definitely Love sipping on my thelewala chai. I have never ever have had tea at home. ( my answer If Anyone asks me for tea is - I don't drink tea.. now that's just weird me) I Am sure I have covered this on the blog before.. 

There are so many tea stalls dotting the city take your pick. Do try the ones in the old city By the name of amrut tulya.
Sunning and sipping in the Cold winter mornings ..

Cups of Chai as you watch the workd pass By... this one is an Irani cuppa at Good Luck

Now If you will ask me Am I a tea / coffee person. Pat comes the reply coffee. Yes I Am a complete coffee person. To be precise Cold coffee and there is something about having Cold coffee on nippy winter nights ... its bliss. 

My favorite joint to have Cold coffee is this small place Durga cafe in Kothrud. Don't get me wrong the place is just small in looks it will and has given any coffee shop or cafe run for its money. It has a huge fan following - will be an understatement. 
Just look at the glass with the creamy frothy perfectly strong and sweet coffee topped with sweet generous amount of cocoa. I have gone to heaven ... Bliss is this. Must try.
That doesn't mean I don't Love a good hot cuppa of coffee. I Am a complete Nescafe girl. I Love filter coffees too. Give me a nice strong one and I Am a happy bunny. 
Durga does some really good hot coffee as well. 

Nice hot cuppas - coffee for me and tea for Hubby after a tired day.

Nothing Like a good old cappucino with Doughnuts ( especially M.O.D double trouble 😛👍❤🍩 )

Flilter coffee Dates 😍

So that was Coffee, Tea & Me in a nutshell for you. ☕

So just summing up my favorites for you. 
Amrut tulya in the old city.
Coffee - Cold - Durga (kothrud), Mar-zo-rin
Hot coffee - Durga (kothrud) 

Until we meet again with some more New ramblings and stories. 


Do let me know what you want me to write about.

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