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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pursuit of Happiness

We all live a stressed life with an objective of attainment, pursuing different dreams with one goal - happiness.
Yet today in this race, the main aim, the reason behind everything, the big picture is lost somewhere.
In the daily grind of life, happiness has become difficult to achieve, but is it really so hard.
Many a great minds have stated happiness to be in our own hands and very aptly said so. 

Happiness doesn't come with a tag of huge houses, millions of dollars, valuable jewelry or fancy cars. It  is a state of mind attained by small things and gestures which make life worth living. Guess that's why childhood is all about happy memories. Children are not perfectionists, they do not want everything, they do not set milestones to be happy. They find happiness in little things and moments everywhere and with everybody.
It is not at all difficult to be happy, in fact its super easy. Try these things out for yourself, they always work for me.

First and foremost everyday stand in front of the mirror and say that I Love you and You are my favorite. Do any one thing that brings you happiness and which you love. It can be a very tiny gesture but just do it and make yourself feel special -

Be Healthy
Balanced Diet, Proper sleep,a healthy and a fit body (exercise) is the least you can do for yourself. You owe it to your body, to you. Its a proven fact that a healthy and a fit body along with proper sleep and diet keeps one happy. Exercise is a biggest exercise to fight depression. It gives an instant high. Apart from that its no hidden fact that fit people feel more happy with their body as well as their mind.
Diets are nothing but torture to your body and mind, a sure shot way of being unhappy. Lack of sleep is another big reason for mood swings, crankiness and a good amount of other ill effects of the same kind.A balanced diet and proper sleep are prerequisites for happiness. Enjoy those extra snoozes and wake up more refreshed happy and smiling. Do not ever again fret over indulging in that one piece of pastry or over sleeping sometimes. Enjoy these indulgences in a balanced form.

Love thyself
First and foremost, love thyself unconditionally with all your imperfections.                                       Remember you are your favorite. Give yourself importance. Ask yourself what do you want. Don't force things on yourself all the time. Say no instead of doing things with dislike. Follow the heart, do things you love, be a child again. Catch butterflies, stop to smell the flowers. Take your time doing things. Watch your favorite movie or TV series or even better see that old favorite cartoon you liked.

Yoga has proven its benefits. Practicing some simple yoga asanas and breathing techniques at home or whenever possible throughout the day will give you peace,calm and satisfaction of mind. Which in turn stimulates happy thoughts and a happy mind. Extra benefit being  you will gain on physical health as well. Meditation de clutters the mind and helps it relax and soothe.

The Power of Forgiving
Holding grudges against anybody hinders the process of being happy it triggers anger and resentment all the time. Forgiving a person empowers you beyond measure. It makes one feel good about themselves and that is a happy feeling. Forgiving starts first with our self, forgive yourself when you don't meet expectations.Know your limits and accept them (does not mean you don't challenge yourself to do better). Go easy on yourself, don't be too harsh.

De clutter
De clutter your life as well as your home and personal space. Throw away things that you do not need. Clear the cobwebs. Make it a pleasant place to live in and to stay happy. Happiness is in indeed in a pleasant clean home as well as life. De clutter the people who make you feel bad or give you negative vibes, stay away from them. Include only positive things, people and aspects in life which enhances it.

Family and Friends
Spend time with family and friends. Staying close to family and friends,being with them gives utmost happiness and a feeling of content. People who live far away from Family or who do not have a family are more lonely and less happy. Family is the biggest asset one has and taking care of it gives immense joy and belongingness. Relationships and love gives a meaning to our life and utmost happiness.

Help and Be Kind
Be kind to the people around you, be polite, offer help. Helping others gives tremendous satisfaction and happiness. Volunteer for a cause. Donate your old stuff. Pay a visit to the old age home. Sponsor a child. Adopt a stray. Treat your family and friends with love and respect and in return their smiles will bring joy in your life.

Pamper yourself
Book an appointment in the spa. Dine with pals. Go on a vacation. Treat yourself to a large ice cream and some fried food. Party and paint the town red. Go on a shopping spree. Go out for the weekend. Any little or big thing which brings smile to your face is well deserved.

Take that vacation and get out of the house and the urban clutter. Feel the clean, crisp and cool air, soak in the warm sunshine. Explore new places. Nature boosts the happiness quotient as well as  creativity. Taking vacations de stresses body and mind and helps them to rejuvenate.

Pursue a hobby or join a class. Anything that we love or a new thing that we are learning to do always amps up the happiness factor (guess that's one of the things that keeps children happy always).
Take up a job or do some constructive work. We always take pride in our work which gives us an intense feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment and joy. 

Be Thankful
Last but not the least,practice Gratitude in all areas of life. Be happy and thankful for the person you are, for your health, loving family, the house you live in and everything that happens in your life. Consider yourself to be lucky. Have Gratitude for your life, your moments, each day that passes, opportunities you get, success, goals you achieve and every thing that happens in between. Thank the Lord for all the blessings and happiness he showers upon us.

Always remember you are your priority if you keep yourself happy, you will definitely spread happiness in your family and all around you. Joy attracts joy and yes it is in your hands, you alone control it. Be happy and spread sunshine !


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