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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Weekend Diaries- Lohagad in Rain

No sooner than the first drops of rain kiss the earth, the entire scene changes with this love affair.
This romance is abundant in and around Pune. No wonder with the first showers of rain people start flooding the monsoon getaways around the city which are resplendent and dancing in all its glory.
This weekend we decided to get enthralled with one such beauty.
Pune city is surrounded by lots of hills and forts and the best way to enjoy these attraction in all its grandeur is by trekking. There are number of trekking groups and camps available with whom you can go. However we decided to do this on our own with a bunch of friends, some of them being good trekkers and leading the way. Me and hubby being amateur with a slight asthma problem, we zeroed in on Lohagad which is a fort to be trekked with moderate difficulty.

Lohagad (the iron fort) one of the many Chatrapati Shivaji's forts (king) is situated close to Lonavla it being 1,033 m (3,389 ft) above sea level.

Train goes to Malavali station, where the fort is located within 10 mins walking distance. 
From Pune to Lohagad by car - 1 h 47 min (75.6 kmvia Mumbai - Pune Expy
We started from Pune at 8 am and reached the fort by around 10 am with leisurely breaks. 
Car goes till the base of the fort from where you just have to climb the stairs, but we decided to leave our car at the base of the hill at the car park and trek the whole way up.

On our way to Lohagad 

Breakfast on our way, hot bhajias and vada Pav in rains. 
Do have breakfast as you will need the energy and carry some snacks with you to devour on top of the fort.
There are quite some thelas (stalls ) at the base of the fort as well as at the parking where the trek begins. I suggest carry some snacks from the highway and be careful with drinking water. The taste at these thelas at least on the weekend was not that great, and hubby as well as I had severe stomach infection after returning back.

Selfie in rain, rain God was with us. The weather was beautiful and prevailed the entire time. 

At the base, starting our trek❤️❤️

The entire way was dotted with gurgling waterfalls and mesmerising landscapes. 
The soothing sound of water flowing combined with chilled, crisp and fresh mountain air kept us motivated to keep going and exploring the beauty which just kept growing by bounds and leaps. 

CheersπŸ’—πŸ’— to some Color co ordinated snacks on the go. Complete sugar rush. 
You will get a few stalls selling bhutta (corn on the cob ) my favorite, we devoured some in the rain, relishing every bit of the experience.

Slow and steady does the trick πŸ‘«

Wonders of nature, creatures of the wild, he was so gorgeous. 

Finally atop ❤️ 
We took around 2.5 hours to climb the entire thing right from the base at an easy pace and we took approximately the same amount of time to descend.
So its a convenient day trip from Pune as well as Mumbai.
Do take a pair of extra clothes, we were drenched to our core, even after all the rain paraphernalia.
Locals give you a changing room for a decent amount.

Views from the top. There is a small temple on top of the fort, one well/pond and a tomb. The views are splendidly magnificent from anywhere you see. 

It was so windy on the top, that one couldn't keep steady. It was beautiful worth all the effort indeed. It was pouring heavily but that neither dithered us from our path nor the huge crowds of people who thronged the fort. 
We enjoyed our victory with some snacks, we had carried, as the strenuous climb left us ravenous (wish we had carried something more filling like sandwiches or rolls). 

Happiness on conquering it together. 

The whole gang ☺️

Until we meet again with a new journey πŸ’š 

A small clip for you - 


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