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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Breaking Dawn....................... marine drive- midnight-- magic-- romance

Started from home for a romantic drive and guess where we(me and hubby dear) landed undecided unplanned ... Marine Drive.. yup in the wee hours of morning,, when everything was still,, we sat watching the sea,,,

For those who do not know -- marine drive is a prominent landmark of Mumbai India .. Marine Drive is a 4.3-kilometre-long boulevard in South Mumbai.A beautiful promenade along the road where many come to enjoy the sea, the setting sun, the cool breeze, stroll with your loved one , a sip of tea with friends, or just to enjoy your own company and let your mind wander or may be relax ,, . It is bordered by high rise buildings ,affluent bungalow, celerity houses, 5 star decos, plush clubs but even though,, somehow ,, it is more captivating and beautiful than any of it ..
Real estate prices along the drive are among the highest in India, and fourth in the world at US$2100 per square feet.
Marine Drive also known as the Queen's Necklace as  the street light resembles a necklace if viewed from far.
credits- floyd and milan

oh ya sorry ... so as we sat watching the sea , i could not but ponder , even after all this time, even after all these structures, there is this ethereal magic about this place that transfers you to the old world charm, it feels as if you are a visitor in the house.Watching the daily activities of the people, the ongoing traffic, the cars zooming by, the sellers selling you the merchandise, the cups of hot tea, the lovers oblivious to the passersby. i feel like an outsider yet there is a strange calmness inside, i am at ease with myself.the buzzing activity, the dwindling people and yet its a peaceful setting. the waves crashing on the rocks.the calm music of the sea.the romantic illuminating beautiful necklace adorned by the night. its uncanny how this place has been witness to history and will be to history in the making. I am in love with this sheer magic, the beauty which never seems to diminish. its the wee hours of morning--- breaking dawn ... its like we romanced the sunrise by the sea...

yea we were really very sleepy ,, LOL



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