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Monday, September 23, 2019

Broken Bridge - Chennai - Adyar - Things to do

A Bridge going no where - does make for a beautiful landscape add to it an adjoining seashore and a beach for miles.
This place lies between Theosophical Society Adyar near the Elliot's beach located on the Adyar river, this collapsed bridge (1977) makes for one rugged nature place off the beaten track. Its a bit secluded, also lists on the haunted and spooky places in Chennai. You can see and hear eerie things at night. Having said that the sunsets and sunrises are spectacular here, you will find this place inhibited by youngsters and couples make a bee line quite obviously too. No wonder it is also termed as a romantic place. Having no light, this place is out of bound after sunset. Picture perfect nature at its best, no wonder this place has been featured in lots of movies and shootings taking place over here is a common norm. A place for nature lovers those who like to do off beat things more than the normal touristy feel.

Bhakti Khade Rangoonwala 

P.s. Do not visit after sunset not safe. 
Do not litter please. 
You can easily take a cab or uber to this place if you are visiting Chennai. 
30 - 60 minutes are enough to visit this place. 

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