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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Our Modern Day Fairy Tale Romance at Bangalore Palace

So we were in Bangalore visiting our friends. Now we both have been to Bangalore when we were kids with our respective parents. Honestly, I as you all know am a history buff more for the royal palaces, forts and castles, what can I say I am a 90's biproduct so blame it all on the Fairy tales and Disney princesses but yeah I am a complete romantic by heart, well if you at it better add royal romantic at heart.
So the Bangalore palace was definitely on my list and all of them (hubby and friends) had no choice but to partake reluctantly in my sojourn to the Bengaluru royalty.
It was a beautiful day and we arrived with aplomb at our destination with clear blue skies and beautiful hues. 
Modern Day Princess 👸 - As soon as I got the first glimpse of this dreamy palace right from some fairy tale with its green climber clinging all over it romanticising the whole aura like that of Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty or Rapunzel .. and as I stood there dreamily fantasizing about my prince charming and our dreamy tale he broke the charm not with a kiss but with - "do you remember this baby ?" As many thoughts raced through my mind, many made up fairy tales about us and lot more left to imagination. ahem .. I tried to think ahhh for the first time is he in tandem of what I am thinking ? or perhaps am I dreaming actually and we are having some telepathy ? I just managed to get myself together saying to myself get back from riding your high horses to reality and was actually happy thinking he remembered my childhood snaps I had shown him of the trip with my parents. As I got happy and said yes baby! I do and was thinking how attentive he is towards me and was glowing in my own fairy tale glory. He goes like - " ya baby this was the palace AAMIR KHAN says to be his home in JO JEETA WAHI SIKANDER " - Sure it was, sure his kind of Bollywood fairy-tale.. There I stood jaw dropped in my head and managed with ughhh yes baby, with a loop sided smile while he glowed with his Casanova Aamir Khan movie ( some movie it really was ) Well that was our fairy tale to be precise modern day fairy tale at Bengalure Palace, well the Palace was really beautiful and was I drawn to its interior in my favorite colour yellow. We enjoyed the stories of the palace and gushed over the royalty, sat in the beautiful garden on a sunny day hand in hand chatting with our friends for a bit and like the best of fairy tales and romance be it vintage or modern day we got a light drizzle out of no where in November on a bright sunny day just to complete this crazy romance, 
Now that's what I call - Our Modern Day Crazy Fairy Tale

First time ever I saw a place dressed in my favourite colour Yellow. So bright and cheerful and so pretty all at the same time. it was like a breathe of fresh air and so vintage all at once.

I am a Vintage soul trapped in this modern world. 


Check out the whole vlog on my YouTube channel


  1. Beautifully captured in pictures and words.

  2. Sounds interesting with your colorful words and photos

  3. Nice romantic tale with beautiful photographs. It seems in your tale the palace was also playing a role.


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