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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Maddy's Pasta Bar

I should start my post with my very own jingle - Maddys's Pasta - spoiling you for choices at vfm prices ... ting  !! 😊 You really cant blame me ... read on to know ..
After their successful run in Kothrud, Maddy's Pasta Bar has stepped foot in Viman Nagar. They have launched their second outlet and this is situated where Largo Pizzeria was there earlier next to Iyengar Bakery, Viman Nagar.
We were invited to taste the awesome delicious spread at Maddy's Pasta Bar by the owner Madhur Jethlia and Italian cuisine being my all time favourite comfort food I was looking forward to the evening.
A small place which can easily accommodate 25 odd people. Its a nice cosy place done up in red, white and black like the quaint little cafes overlooking the road where you can sit for hours watching the world zoom by slurping on pastas - Dolce far Niente (pleasant idleness). Whilst I was dreaming my little dream of making use of this little joint completely (I stay in the same vicinity) and deciding on all the pastas I was going try, I was hoping the food pulls me here time and again (by meeting my expectations).
Finally It was time to test the taste literally. Lets see whether expectations are met and the dream lives on.....

I loved these cute frames with Pasta quotes :)

These wooden stools were so cute..

For a small place Maddy's offers a large variety to chose from - Pasta, Pizzas, salads, Risottos, desserts, Mocktails, Appetisers and bits and pieces of other signature dishes. Surprisingly the prices are very low and affordable and the place also serves mini portions which is a bliss for people to try out more dishes or just have a small snacks on the go or for kids.
Another thing which I loved about this place is that they use eco friendly serving plates which are made up of beetle nut leaves. So much goodness and brownie points already and the food is yet to come so without further delay -
Lets dive into the food now shall we....

Virgin Mojitos
Pre Mix Mocktails they were nice to sip alongside of the food.

Thai Chicken Spaghetti
Well cooked spaghetti in creamy curry with fragrant Thai aroma, Baby Corn and chicken chunks.
I loved this dish. It was a lovely Indian Thai Meets Italian fusion. Must try !!

Next came the steaming fiery Chicken Bolognese.
Star of the evening!!
especially for the spice lovers.
Minced chicken with Indian spices and red sauce. It was definitely one spicy affair to remember.
All the flavours came in one big mouthful and it was a burst of flavours.
Must Try.

Cheese Garlic Bread with all the condiments and spices.. Good Stuff !

Baked Chicken Mac and Cheese!
Comfort food at its best. Must Have ! Highly Recommended.
Cheese lovers this will definitely not disappoint you in any way.

Chicken Tikka Pizza
Big chunks of chicken tikka along with capsicum, onion and oodles of cheese.
The base of the Pizza was nice and crispy and it was some really good stuff.

Choco Walnut Brownie
This was another star of the evening.
One of the best brownies I have eaten in Viman Nagar and all for Just Rs 70/-
Complete steal.
The Brownie had the right texture with generous pieces of walnuts added.
It wasn't overly sweet but just perfect drizzled with chocolate sauce - Sinful heaven.
I just missed my vanilla icecream to go with it. Madhur however informed us that they are going to soon start serving it on the sizzler plates along with vanilla ice cream,,, drooling already...
I loved the food at Maddy's along with everything else.
The service was prompt, the place was clean and hygienic.
The portions were large - All the portions served above are mini.
Mr Madhur was a perfect host, very warm and welcoming and explained everything in detail and was very helpful in making choices which is the most difficult task.
He also told us that they have further expansion plans in the pipeline. He mentioned that no matter what the taste at all the outlets is uniform as the main sauces are made at the main branch in Kothrud and is supplied to their outlets.
With such taste at completely vfm prices we cant wait to have more outlets dishing out our Indian Italian deliciousness.
Desi Italian and completely yummy they have played so wonderfully with fusion twists.
It wouldn't be wrong to say Maddy's Pasta - Sabse sasta ,, Taste mein Masta.. heheh (okay food coma I guess ;p)

A big thanks to Madhur for inviting us and a big shout out to Maddy's Pasta. The evening was wonderful, it was drizzling and we were seated outside with hot pastas and good company. Don't miss it...

To my complete amazement the food was really good, so my Dolce far Niente dream is going to be a reality and I sure am going to be a regular here.
So you can definitely catch me here day dreaming with my plate of pasta and a book for company ;p

Hope You all try out this place soon, I am sure you will return with happy faces. Don't forget to tell me how was your experience.

Until then...
Stay Happy and Cheerful !


P.S - This was a Sponsored post however all the views expressed are solely mine from my experience.

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