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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Thank you 2017

Its the last leg of 2017, almost at the end. Everybody is excited of ushering the new year of 2018 and the excitement that it holds and here I am in the middle somehow yet nor completely said my Good byes to 2017 and neither started the excitement of welcoming 2018.
I am just here today saying a heartfelt thank you to the year that was. I learned a lot if I look back now and still never felt that it was such a big learning curve. It was a year of highest highs and lowest lows taught a lot as it goes..
I realised that I did get my dreams I pinned for, it is strange now when I look back and watch. My Dream board actually took shape. Its magical no ?
I learnt to let go of things I could'nt change no matter how dear they were. I learnt to accept myself and others. I have flaws and I learnt to embrace them. Success and Failure are two sides of a coin which are always there with you. I learnt to value this precious coin.
They were so many special moments and little things, truly value of small things I learnt as I now bring the new year in.
Small Getaways and trips, moments spend with loved ones and family, ups and downs in relationships, supoortive friends, work highs and just magical moments - so much to relive.
So here I am giving my thanks to everyone and everything that made 2017 the way it was. To all the lessons learnt. Thank You !
Now truly to a new year full of promises, wonderment, new adventures and excitement, to achievements and love, to creating a new magic.
Btw I am celebrating my New Year eve at home with loved ones with yummy food and lots of love away from the madness and all.
So a last cheers to house parties and their beauty... how are you celebrating ?
Before we part a last outfit of the year 2017.

Btw, Did I ever tell you I love Cartoon prints. 

Outfit Details 
Jeggings - People 
Tshirt - Goa flea market 
Footwear -  Foot in 
Watch - Tommy 

Have an awesome NYE 

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