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Friday, October 11, 2013

Why I Pray ....

'Pray' - A Greek word  meaning to thank or request. This little word is etched deep into our heart since childhood. No matter faith, religion, belief praying is not new to anybody.

Praying is very important and its importance is greatly described in all holy books but today I am not preaching or enlightening anybody. I am just sharing with you the reason I pray.(its strictly my personal view)
For me since childhood praying is like a shopping list for God. I want this, that and everything.
Right from childhood my list went on like - in chronology -- take a look ;p

Please let me pass math.
God please I want to have yummy food not moms leafy vegetables.
God I want to go for a trip with my friends.
God I want that awesome dress.
Please make me thin.
God please let all the boys go ga ga over me.
God I want admission in this college.
Please, please, please clear this horrid pimple on the first day of college.
I wish I have my own car xyz.
I want a boyfriend who is handsome, rich and cool.
When will I meet my Prince charming.
Get me married fast.
I want a husband who will love me till the end just like mom and dad.
Please god let mom and dad approve of my boyfriend(now hubby dearest).
I want to stay a little bit longer with my parents.
Keep my family, my siblings always happy.
Grant success to my husband and me and shower us with your blessing, love and togetherness.
Well being of all my loved ones.
and the current- God please let me win this contest - I will love an updated Ipad and I need a new camera.;p

I think you all got the gist. hehehe

Do not misunderstand me, since childhood I was taught that God is the utmost power, above every one. He always safeguards us and gives us everything we deserve. (just like our parents I thought)
So  I thing its my right to ask God for everything just the way I ask my parents. I share a relationship of love and belief with God. For me he is my friend, my parent, my everything. So I discuss things with God which I do not with anybody else.

Do not think otherwise that the reason I pray is only for my wants.
No, its not so..
I feel God is all knowing I do not need to ask him all these things I told you, he already knows about them.
The reason I pray to God is because I want to share everything with him, I want him to be a part of my life always and be involved in everything. It gives me strength to carry on knowing I am not alone and he is there with me always, no matter what. This gives me peace and comfort.
Praying gives me a deeper understanding of everything, I value things I ask for. I admit to myself my shortcomings I ask forgiveness in return and thus want to improve myself.
I thank God often for everything I have and show my gratitude to him. I feel I am so lucky to have what I have and am his loved child.

I pray because I love myself, my life, my family, friends and everything he has given me. I cherish it.
I pray because I love God.

I love to celebrate with God, be happy with him. :))
That reminds me, I am very happy as Diwali is around the corner. I love to celebrate Diwali with all fervor. Although I am not very good with all the shlokas and the exact rituals and customs. I am married so no parents to guide me at my place so was a little worried for the puja to be performed (just married a while ago).

God listens to me always-- I told you I am his loved child ;p
Through this contest I got to know about Sampoorna Lakshmi Puja Pack by Cycle agarbathies.
This pack contains everything required for performing Lakshmi puja, as well as an audio cd and booklet complete with shlokas, aarti and everything else. My step by step guide. Tada!! My difficulty is solved and I can have Lakshmi puja just the way at my parents house. I am super happy and ordering my pack. I think it is meant for me totally. :))
So my Diwali is going to be filled with sweets, rangolis, decorated home, fresh flowers, new shopping, family, friends, lots of lights and diyas along with a perfect puja and loads of prayers. Stick around for the Diwali post ;p

This post is a part of contest Cycle Pure Agarbathies in Association with Ripple Links.




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