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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Life - Rainbow of Colors.

How are you guys?
I am in all good spirits today and...............
I can keep bantering about myself for hours and hours and will never ever get bored of myself because everyday there is a new me.(eyes rolling)
One minute i am miss chatterbox and the other i just wanna go in my cocoon.One day i want to get out of bed and paint and write poetry the next day you will see me playing video games with a burger in hand.One fine evening you will see me all girly and feminine and the next i will be down and dirty with some outdoor games.At any given point i am all obsessed about some thing and the next thing you know i am looking for new adventures and things to learn. Never a Dull moment(you bet) ;p
Life is too small and i want to try everything.
Life is a Rainbow of Colors,
I Want to get Painted and Paint in every Color........

Life is colorful.... Enjoy it that way ....


  1. Totally agree with you Bhaki. I enjoy whatever Im doing, that's what life's all about.



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