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Friday, December 8, 2017

The Travelling Flatbread Festival at 212 All Day Cafe Bar

212 All Day Cafe Bar is hosting - THE TRAVELLING FLATBREAD FESTIVAL for 2 weeks with a specially curated menu consisting of 9 fingerlicking recipes inspired globally yet local at heart. 
I quite enjoyed this journey which literally takes your taste buds around the world and quite deliciously I must add. 
I liked all of them honestly however I will definitely rank my numero uno just for you guys to try. 

Firstly, What is a Flatbread? 
flatbread is a bread made with flourwater and salt, and then thoroughly rolled into flattened dough. Many flatbreads are unleavened — although some are slightly leavened, such as pita bread.
a type of flat, thin bread made without yeast (= a substance that makes bread swell and become light)

Now lets see these yummy creations.
The flatbreads were lovely and crispy. 
And balanced the toppings perfectly. 

The Meat Special
Chicken Bolognese 
Rs 595 
Spicy minced chicken with Mozzarella and those assorted colourful bell peppers added lovely colour and flavour.  
This was a table favorite and how can one not love those tangy and spicy bolognese flavours balanced with that gooey Mozzarella. 
Highly Recommended. 

The Norwegian - Smoked Salmon 
And Cream Cheese 
Rs 595 
Minimilastic simple flavours. 

The Swiss - Asparagus and Bell Peppers. 
Rs 495 
Emmental cheese and Plum tomatoes
Another rustic, simple and lovely creation. 
Everything was used to the right proportion and not over the top to attain that light yet perfectly balanced taste. 

The Turk - Lamb Kibbeh and Roasted Garlic
Rs 525 
The meat balls were so juicy and perfectly spiced and flavoured, the sauce of those plum tomatoes giving a lovely light sweet tangy flavour with the cheesiness of Mozzarella. The crunchy onion rings thrown in for that lovely sweet spice factor. One bite and it left you asking for more. Lot more. 
This definitely was the Numero Uno for me. 
Highly Highly Recommended 😍

The Italiano - Sundried tomatoes and Jalapenos. 
Rs 495 
On the bed of that yummy plum tomato sauce again with my favorite sumdried tomatoes, capers, Jalapenos - this one boasted of lovely rich tangy, salty and a bit of spicy taste with that creamy rich Bocconcini cheese. Believe me it was rustic Italian and so simple yet so amazing. 
Loved it ❤

The Parisian - Truffle Oil and Mushroom
Rs 495 
This had one word - creamy. 
What else do you expect from a fine amalgamation of Parmesan, Mushroom Ragout and Spinach. 
This was veggie magic. The taste was polished just like a Parisian and the dish was too polished as soon as it was served. 
This was definitely a Numero Uno in the veg selection. 
Highly Highly Recommended 😍👍

The Mexicana - Nacho cheese and Crushed Tortillas. 
Rs 495 
This was a complete flavourful veg nacho bursting with tomato salsa and kidney beans on the flatbread.
Need I say more ... 

Middle Eastern Classic - Baba Ganoush and Hummus 
Rs 495 
Creamy Bacconcini cheese coupled with perfect creamy hummus and that puree of sweet lemony aubergines with pickled veggies. 
Treat for the middle eastern food lovers. 

And that ended our journey on a good spirit with all that bread well we did wash it down with a monstrosity Monster Shake. 

Yes thats yours truly in all my glory 🤓🤣🙈

So rush to 212 All Day Cafe Bar and enjoy this festival till it lasts. 
Let me know how it was.
Until next time.
Bye guys 👋

P.s. a big shout out to Svetlana, Karthik for inviting and hosting me. 
This was a tasting on invite. The views expressed in this post are completely mine based on my experience. 

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