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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Anniversary Celebrations - Camping on the Backwaters

Like most I have grown up on Famous Five series where the 5 travelled country sides camping and adventuring in nature. Throughout my childhood, all I wanted to do was that. Its so ironic that I had never ever camped in my life. That's a thing of the past now because that's what we treated our self with this Anniversary. Neither of us have ever camped, so we went camping for our anniversary and believe you me, it was the most rustic, rooted and awesome adventure of our life together.
Dreams do come true and mine did.
So after researching a lot, we decided to go through Tourbugs since it was our first time camping and we didn't want to risk anything. We were just a single couple and places around Maharashtra can be a bit risky if you don't know what you doing and where you camping. So it was a professional one for us. We were so happy with our decision later on because hands down this is the best camping experience. The camping site is the backwaters of Nira Deoghar Dam in Bhor around 95 kms away from Pune. They pride themselves for being India's Largest campsite ever. In a completely organic village, on a mountain plateau surrounded by water on all three sides. Its miles and miles of unspoilt nature. For around 30 kms there is no mobile range forget internet. Just connect with yourself and your loved ones. Connect with nature and that's what we love doing.
Loved it is all I can say- Because words are short to describe the awesome time we had.
We celebrated our anniversary over here. This was one of the best celebrations we had, it wont be exaggeration if we say we fell in love with place. Definitely left a bit of our self over there and carried back the place with us.
Don't believe me ... Check it out yourself then...

All excited

Pitstop at Hotel Sarthak at Nigudhgadh
Suggested by Mr Arvind the owner at Tourbugs.
This is a family run small place with amazing delicious food.
The mutton thali is their speciality.
The Kheema, spicy mutton fry and unlimited hot rassa with soft bhakris. I wish I was there now hogging on this feast. They are generous with the Mutton and at total vfm price. Tenderly cooked meat indeed a delicacy.

Finally the Camping site.

Bright yellow cheerful comfortable tent with clean and sufficient warm bedding.
Don't miss the personal touch of balloons by Arvind as part of our Anniversary celebrations.
Such a sweet gesture.
These things definitely make a difference.

Surreal Sunsets

Bonfire setting the mood for the night.

With an amazing Barbequed chicken and Paneer.
It was super juicy and tasty.

Can't forget the crispy hot onion pakoras and spicy chutney.
Night is set.

Freezing as it got - Bonfire to the rescue with unending songs on the guitar - magical.

and after we thought we couldn't eat anymore the desi gavran dinner with chicken curry, bhakri, thecha and lot of other yummy veggie preparations.. It was too good .. we ate till we burst ..

Night night
And slept peacefully.

Good Morning with hot cuppa and that sunlight.

After a quick breakfast of hot poha and a surprise anniversary cake again arranged by Arvind.
I am telling you he is an amazing host and takes the experience notches high.
We went for a small trail and then a picnic by the water.

Swimming in the open water

Time for rustic organic lunch. So good.
straight from the farm tastes divine in such natural setting ...

 and with that its an adieu from us.

The warm hospitality of Arvind the owner really made sure we were comfortable and had a good time all the time. We had definitely one of the best anniversary .. and this indeed was a memorable trip ... unforgettable one .. thanks Tourbugs ..
Definitely visiting again.
Would love to add they have clean and hygienic more than adequate washrooms and toilet facilities. The campsite is extremely clean and they leave no traces on nature after every camp. Their Rates are completely vfm for the facilities they provide.
You can check them out Tourbugs
They have presence on facebook as well as Instagram.
They are having an amazing new year camping experience if you want to leave the city behind and lose yourself in this magical place.

P.S this is no way is a sponsored post. Just sharing our experience with you people because we loved it. We fully paid for all the facilities used. The views are solely based on our experience.
You can check out the entire trip here .


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  1. Belated Happy Anniversary!

    Thank you for sharing this. Plan to visit soon :)


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