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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Why I Like Only A Closed Few Around

I am not shy neither am I introvert in fact I mingle with people in no time. When I go out to a new place or party I gel around pretty easy and then i just leave it to that. A nice time spent in that moment. Its not that I don't like people, its just that I don't want unnecessary drama in my life. I believe in the great philosophy that even if you have few closed people you can count on your fingers you are lucky and blessed. After all according to another great one you are sum of characteristics of closed people in your life. So I chose wisely rather I connect with people not that easily.
I believe in every one comes in your life for a reason and for a time so enjoy that and learn from them. Let them go without holding grudges or stretching things till they get bad. Sometimes you grow up or you just become a different person and status quo of the relationship changes - then instead of holding on, learn to live with good memories. After all decluttering is required in every aspect of your life. Don't get me wrong I don't judge, I just live life and its a short one, I want to be happy and so why complicate it with people who don't add to the beauty of it. Keep it simple na .. hence a closed few of my circle keep me sane . 

Shirt - Limeroad
Jeggings - Zara
Neckpiece - Jabong
Bracelet - Vero Moda 
Footwear - Inc 5 
Bag - Rocky S 

Photo credits - Jerlyn 


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  1. I am extraordinarily affected beside your writing talents, Thanks for this nice share.


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