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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Recluse or Self Love ?

Hello guys, happy new year, we are well in 2018  and I am tad bit too late in my first blog post that went up now almost in the end of January.
What should I say just that I am playing recluse . Well yes that's another facet of mine.
I like to go in my shell from time to time and just hibernate and do nothing at all.
Does that happen to you ? Sometimes I feel I am this weirdo living alone. However I love my own company and the perks of just being by yourself. Listening to the thoughts in your head, dancing to your own music and weaving beautiful dreams or simply the joy of not doing anything at all or just doing things, how and when you please if you please. From childhood, I love to be left on my own. I use to love it when everyone use to go somewhere and leave me alone at home at the pretext of studying even if that meant locked in the house. Well, I use to make a simple snack for myself, cold coffee, read a book or watch my favourite movie (nothing fancy) which still continues today. But the magic of being alone adds this charm to the whole experience.
I love being with my own self and making myself feel special.
Does it happen to you, do you understand the urge of having your own space and enjoying your own company from time to time or am I the only recluse here ? or should I say basking in self love. 

and with that a simple casual outfit for a day at the mall. 


Outfit Details
Dress - Pantaloons 
Bag - Rocky S 
Footwear - Footin
watch - Espirit

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