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Friday, April 14, 2017

Is Your Life Running on Empty ??

Hi Guys, in this fast paced life the quality of life somehow has dwindled and the happiness, satisfaction and overall well being is measured in material things and tags.
Spirituality in life, in being, in oneself is missing.
Many people now a days tag them as spiritual. It has become a fad, but what's the real deal ?

So what is Spirituality ?
  1. The quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.
    "the shift in priorities allows us to embrace our spirituality in a more profound way " (according to Wikipedia definition )

So Today we have Miss Dimple Dhalwani with us to talk about how we can bring about a change and live a balanced life with some simple efforts on a daily basis.

So this post is written by our Guest Dimple Dhalwani who is an energy healer and a psychic reader. Having started her journey at the tender age of 18 today she has global presence and a strong client data based across India, Hongkong, Singapore and Africa. 

So lets listen right from the expert.

How many times in a day do we all run to recharge our gadgets battery or we keep checking to see if we have good battery life. So can you just imagine if we kept recharging our own batteries and decided not to run on empty?
A lot has been spoken about spirituality. Today, everyone is wearing spirituality as a badge. But in the real sense how many of us are practicing it in our day to day lives. We all seem to know the complex version of spirituality but if only we have to start doing simple things everyday how beautiful can we make our lives.
Today, I proudly state that I turned towards spirituality at the age of 18 and it’s the only thing that has got me going in my life so far. Using spirituality as a recharge can actually work wonders for our overall emotional, mental, physical and etheric well-being.
I started off with simple practices that I am sharing with you all today. Even if we start with just one we can create a change towards maintaining a balance in our life.
So here are some simple practices that one can incorporate on a day to day basis.

Practice Mindfulness
Living in the present moment and enjoying it to the fullest is the simplest and easiest way of achieving mindfulness. Our Ego mind always tricks us into living in the past or procrastinating the future. Additionally, we have also got so used to multitasking that we don’t even enjoy any activity completely. Focusing on just one activity also helps in attaining mindfulness.
 Resisting the present moment only creates additional stress and mind blocks fogging the working of the mind. Our minds detest being tamed. The inner resistance crops up. So, lets

Digital Detox
The latest entry into our life is the digital detox. Let’s ditch our gadgets for atleast 10 minutes in a day to unwind and stay unplugged. Residing in the moment and just connecting to ourselves is essential to our well-being. Your brain, cells, eyes, fingers, hands all need rest. Lights off before bedtime should also include your digital gadgets. Harvard researchers have proved how the rays emitted from our digital gadgets actually alter our sleep patterns leading to mental and physical health issues in the long run.

Meditation is the oxygen for our inner selves. Just like our body is made up of 70% of water similarly tuning our minds to take the properties of water of flowing with the course of life and being calm essential for us to lead balanced lifestyle. Perhaps the best gift our ancestors have given us is the practice of mediation. Simply tune into yourself. Chant, switch on a meditation, listen to soft calming music, listen to bhajans or attend a meditation class it’s really just simple.

Go Outdoors
The modern day lifestyle ensures that we get minimum fresh air. It is essential to step out of our 4*4 living homes/office desks and connect to nature. Stepping out in the open air in nature ensures that we take in fresh air and oxygen releasing all the toxins that we have built up in our energetic field.

Yoga brings a state of mind-body-soul alignment and when the three are beautifully aligned we believe our life is a miracle. It helps us to de-stress and connects us deeply.
Yoga along with modern day exercise also on the other hand helps in regulating the flow of energy and releasing negative toxins from our body.  It creates a rush of adrenal energy that helps us to remain positive and leaves us charged for the day. Pranayama again purifies our system and eliminates all the toxins that get collected in our lymphatic systems and bloodstream. Our gut is where our emotions reside. We develop our inner strength to face difficulties in life courageously.

Let’s just take a second and check our breathing. Are we aware of our breath or have we just taken it for granted. Consciously breathing correctly makes all the difference to our well-being. Especially in times when we are angry or stressed before we react unknowingly lets focus on correcting our breath. All it takes is a second of conscious awareness and voila you have dealt with the situation more calmly and peacefully.

Practice Gratitude
It is very essential to practice the attitude of gratitude. We often forget to give thanks for the smaller things in life that we take for granted. Our basic needs, home, parents, friends, family, our physical body, a kind gesture, a new day each morning, the beautiful sunshine, nature just anything that gives you joy and makes  you smile. Prayers doesn’t have to be long a simple Thank you is all it takes.

Accept yourself
It is very easy for us to run away from ourselves. Accepting ourselves and knowing that there is no escape route helps us to stay connected. Using sugar, food, alcohol, sex or drugs as an escape route only takes us away from accepting ourselves completely. Being honest with yourself is one of the very first few baby steps on the path of spirituality.

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These are simple ways to lead a more fulfilled and balanced life to a healthier and happier self.
Hope you found the article useful. If you have any questions for Dimple, you can post them here and I will try and get her to answer them for you.

Dimple offers guided meditations, psychic readings, tarot card readings, energy healings, crystal and angel workshops along with Reiki workshops.
You can reach her at


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