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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February Love the Princess way ..

Its no secret that I love February...  cause its the month of my Birthday... so much love around, month of valentine.. Its like celebrations begin truly for the new year.
I treat myself like a princess (we all do, don't we ;p), especially in Feb and go all out to pamper myself  (as if I don't do that the whole year round) However you will definitely agree with me when I say that birthdays invoke magic and happiness to the brim.
There is a natural Glow from within and everyone is super sweet, even if they have to make extra efforts ;p hehe....
So I decided to start February with a Princess Post ...


cause in the end its all about who we all are on the inside.....

Now this gown really made me feel like a princess. I got it made for a Sangeet function. The design was mine and I got it tailored from a really good designer. I always like something light, comfortable and easy with aplomb - so here is my answer to it.she indeed did a great job,the gown was exactly how I envisioned and more. She really does beautiful garments- you can Check her link below.
Pink is my favourite and some sparkle always goes a long way.
Paired it with silver peep toe wedges, diamond jewellery, shell clutch and kept the look fresh and minimal.
I wanted beautiful pretty girly tresses so I turned to this youmf Hairstylist who I know from a very long time and I Love her WorK and Oh I how I love my hairdo she did .. 😍 dreamy ❤ I have linked her profile below, you can definitely Check her out. 

And the last one had to be with my Prince who always always sweeps me off my feet even when I am soaring high up in the sky.❤

Let me know if you like my look.
Gown - Designed
Bag - Taj Boutique Goa
Costume Designer - Reshma Amalani 
Make up - me
Let me know if you want to see the full detailed make up and get ready with me for this look.

P.S - Birthday post coming soon, stay tuned

Until we meet again...
Wear your tiara with panache and princess up . 👑👸


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