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Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekend Date

As you all know by now, I am a sucker for nature. Take me into the wilderness and I am happy as a puppy (hehe ;)).
Anyhow, so hubby dear took me on a perfect date- a small hike at a nearby hill, watching the sunset and then a yummy dinner amidst beautiful setting. 

Oh! I almost forgot we started off the Saturday with some shopping (yay) and some heavy duty true blue Maharashtrian Food. 

Unedited yumminess, I am drooling right now. Kolhapuri and rustic maharashtrian food is my weakness. These kolhapuri Thalis are my all time favorite. 
We decided to try this place for the first time having heard rave reviews from food communities. 
New Milan Khanaval is located in the bylanes of Sadashiv peth Pune. This is the king of kolhapuri cuisine, best tambda rassa ( red curry) I have ever had. The after taste tickled me for more and more. The chicken masala and chicken fry preparations were amazing I loved the chicken masala more. The pandhra rassa (white curry) was nice but I have had better. There was also alni rassa (chicken broth) which is very rare to be found in Thalis, it was nice. It was such a heavy meal bursting with flavour that by the end I had stuffed my stomach to the point of no return. I barely could walk and was supremely high on food. The place served excellent biryani as well but that's for another day, another story and another date with food. This place is really small. You might have to share table with strangers. Worth it all. Go early when they open or late so you don't have to wait forever. I am in heaven with all this food. 

Happy me !! 

Could you believe we could have this monster after this? Yes we had it though. What can I say we are foodies who become eating demons come weekend. 
Awesome coffee shop at Conrad Hilton Pune


Sunsets ❤️

He makes me so happy ❤️ 

Amidst beautiful setting at The Asian Box
I love such quaint places. It's a little place with character. Lovely food and pretty ambience. 
It's an oriental place and we decided we were in a mood for some Thai as well as Burmese cuisine. 

I love this dish. Spicy Thai chicken. Crispy chicken coated with perfectly got Thai spices along with some capsicum. I can keep munching on this baby. 

Lettuce chicken wraps. 
Yummy and so filling. Must try. 

Burmese Khowsuey - I never really am a fan of Khowsuey from outside as my hubbys family hails from Burma and I am used to eating home made authentic Khowsuey, recipe of which has been passed down in generations. 
I just like to eat Khowsuey outside just to see what they serve and experiment but it is always so different from the authentic one made at my place. 
So don't judge on my review. The Khowsuey was good however I have had better outside at other places. Saying that I still loved their curry which was more inclined towards Thai curry and couldn't help slurping on it. 

We clean up good, don't we ? :)) 

Sweet endings ❤️❤️
I am so grateful 🙏

How was your weekend? 

Until we meet again.
Keep smiling and stay cheerful!! 


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