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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pink Zone

I hate it honestly, when you are pissed or really annoyed and people just ask you is the devil nearby, is it that time of the month, and I become even more mad, rationally it seems we girls do not have a right to get mad or we are incapable of getting annoyed and running out of patience for things unless and until it's that's time of the month and very conveniently it's blamed on the monster period (pun intended). The male species won't even give it a second thought that they were wrong and it's their fault, it's like we suddenly become these irrational demons. 
A chat between hubby and me goes like ,  he keeps doing things to irk me enough and I eventually lose my cool. 
Hubby - doing some mathematics in his head as if solving some grave problem.. 
Me - what happened what u calculating 
Hubby - silences me with his hand and after a minute - aren't you in your pink zone. 
Me - what the hell is pink zone? 😱
Hubby - when you are flashing danger signs -do not approach ,, at your own risk (pms). 
Me - mouth wide open ,, how dare you.. fuming with fury now 
Hubby - no baby it's not that bad , it's still comes and goes and it's manageable 
Me - just staring at him ,, then what is bad ? 
Hubby - The actual danger zone , when u are on destructive mode and can kill anything in your way for no fault, it's danger all over, it's like war path.  
Me - shocked beyond belief ,, zoned out 
Hubby - I am right for crying out loud 😂😂😂
Me - so furious ,,😡
But we both just end up laughing like crazy what with his puppy eyes...🐶
For the record his calculations were right .. 
All this just for telling him him off for not letting me sleep in peace at 2 am. 
God !!!! 

Since we are in the pink zone, then why not go with a pink outfit today. 

Outfit Details 

Top - Dubai 
Denims - Tommy 
Watch - Tommy 
Necklace - Flipkart 
Bag - Landmark 



  1. A fun moment well recounted. You will laugh reading this years later too.

    1. Thanks Indrani, yes indeed you aptly said, such moments make life a lovely book to read long afterwards and bask in the memories. :)


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