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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Festive Chocolate Modaks / Ladoos

I love all festivals and celebrate them with complete gusto and excitement. However Ganapati festival is one of my favourites, I cant wait to get Bappa home every year and whenever I look at him its just getting immersed in his eyes every single time.
This time is no different I am so happy and immersed completely in all Bappa's festivities and digging in completely on Bappas favourite food (and mine too ;p, he is the foodie God and that makes me fall in love with him all the more, added advantage you see).
So here I am churning out delicious delicacies for Bappa and his Bhakts (devotees, -we ;p).
My kitchen is filled with amazing aromas of all kinds of modaks, so I thought why not share the easiest and one of the yummiest one of the lot with my blogging family.
So without further ado here it goes.

Chocolate Modak / Ladoo

You can give this recipe a modak shape or Ladoo shape both are equally loved by Bappa.
You can even use it for other festivals and celebrations.
The Recipe is super easy, quick and finger licking good.
So why wait, lets just start Making.


Milk maid/ Mithai mate or any condensed milk.
Powdered Sugar
Digestive Marie Biscuits
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
Vanilla essence or any other (optional)

Crush the biscuits in powder form preferably by hand so it is uneven and has a coarse texture.
Add Condensed milk, Cocoa Powder to it.
Add Sugar as per taste if required.
Add milk and vanilla essence.
Knead it all in a dough form it shouldn't be sticky but firm so add your ingredients accordingly.
Shape them in your desired modak or ladoo form.
Refrigerate for some time.
Your Modaks are ready.

Quick, easy and amazingly delicious - Hope you enjoy.
Let me know how they turn out.

Until we meet again.
Stay happy and cheerful and enjoy the festivities.


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