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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Every smell has a story to tell..

This post is written for a Smelly to Smiley Ambi pur contest on

The power of smell and a trunkful of memories.
Unlike seeing, talking, tasting and hearing; smelling is so under rated.
Truth be told, it is the only sense which doesn't need to be interpreted by the brain so as to be processed. The effect is immediate and the memories related to that smell come flooding by.
Smell and memory are infused together in the brain.
Consciously or sub consciously every smell has a story to tell, a memory to relive.
No wonder a long lost memory is awakened by some smell somewhere.
A whiff is enough to stir something deep inside.
My nose I feel is over active and I visit my treasure trove of memories more often and am found day dreaming any place at any time.
A waft of musky fragrance makes me miss my hubby dear who is at work.
Where as the smell of fresh green grass in my Terrace garden brings back the memories of catching lady birds in childhood.(we caused them no harm, just loved to see the beautiful colors.)
Smell of coconut oil reminds me of grannies champi maalish and my head becomes light automatically.
Johnson's Baby powder smell reminds me of the small butt cheeks of my siblings. (eyes rolling, laughing)
Mango fragrance in my kitchen transfers me to my mom's kitchen in childhood devouring one after another mango in the summer vacation.(I still believe mangoes at mom's place taste the best, memories I tell you.)
The lovely smell of Parijat blooming in the Terrace transfers me to childhood monsoon, collecting the shed flowers in the early morning for God and for the garland for my teacher.( missing the school bus in the process, yay)
The smell of wet mud in the plant pot next to my bed reminds me of the puddles splashed in the Monsoon after school.

The fragrance of fresh Roses in the vase takes me back to romantic dates,
 and every memory it holds.
 Every moment, every touch,
every sensuous brush,
every laugh, every tear,
every smile across the foyer.
Every joke we giggled,
and the way we into each other snuggled.
And the question that you popped to me,
and today it made us, we.
Yes Indeed ! Every smell,
has a story to tell.......




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